First Covid-10 death recorded in Lamu County

First Covid-10 death recorded in Lamu County

A 60-year-old woman who died shortly after she was admitted at the Lamu King Fahad County hospital on Tuesday evening was later found to have succumbed to coronavirus.

The Lamu County Health department has revealed that the woman had visited the hospital for treated of other ailments only to die later as she received the treatment.

Lamu County Health Executive, Dr Anne Gathoni, said samples taken from the patient for Covid-19 testing before she died later returned a positive diagnosis.

"The lady had other medical issues that forced her to seek treatment at the facility...She was later found to have died of coronavirus," said Dr Gathoni.

This is the first official Covid-19 death recorded in Lamu County. So far, the devolved unit has six confirmed Covid-19 cases. 


The death has left local residents panicked. They are now pleading with the county government to establish at least one intensive care unit (ICU) to help patients in critical condition.

Lamu doesn't have a single ICU bed, a situation that brings to the fore the fact that the County is ill-prepared to deal with Covid-19.

Led by Lamu Branch Haki Africa Organization Coordinator Issakia Yunus, residents say it is unfortunate that the region is still grappling with a poor healthcare system.

"We've been going round the various wards at King Fahad Hospital. We've also observed the isolation centres and we discovered that they don't have the machines required to attend to Covid-19 patients. The county government should do something urgently or coronavirus patients will continue to die here," said Mr Yunus.

The Health CEC, however, called on members of the public to be calm as the situation is under control.

She said the county has already trained over 500 health workers on how to handle Covid-19 patients.

"We've also set aside 30 isolation beds for Covid-19 patients. We will be purchasing more beds if need be but currently the situation is under control. My appeal to members of the public is for them to observe all the directives issued by the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of the disease," said Dr Gathoni.

Source: Daily Nation

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