NUMBER CRUNCH: Kenya reports 447 new Covid-19 cases!

NUMBER CRUNCH: Kenya reports 447 new Covid-19 cases!

Thursday June 9, Kenya reported a record 447 new Covid-19 cases from a sample size of 3,803. The cumulative number of tests conducted so far now stands at 200,311 and the total case load in the country is 8,975.

Here are the key deductibles:

  • Positivity rate of the day's samples tested has exploded to almost 12%
  • Positivity rate of samples tested in the last 3 days was 10.18%
  • Weekly new cases hit 2,034 up 31% from last week.
  • Weekly new deaths the second highest ever.

On the positive side, there were a record 548 new weekly recoveries, up 117% from the previous 7 days.

  • This kept cumulative recovery rate at 30%, despite soaring cases.

Cumulative fatality rate down to 1.9% 

Testing remains inadequate as total positivity rate soars.

Over 200,000 samples tested to date even as positivity rate run out of control and the country remains set to report 1,000 new cases every 2 days.

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